5 Best Montessori Toys for open-ended play

Play is essential for early growth and development, by allowing a child to test their skills and senses. It has been proven that children benefit most from play when they can imagine, create, and explore. These are some of the underlying concepts of open-ended play. These Montessori play items are a great way to integrate open-ended play into your little one’s day-to-day learning. Here, we go over some of the best types of play items for Montessori open-ended play

¬†Grimm’s Natural Wood Tunnel

Wood Tunnel

The 12 Piece Grimm’s Natural Wood Tunnel is a versatile toy that children can play with. To add to this, your little one can play in so many ways such as building dollhouses, bridges, modern architecture, or use simply as beautiful decor. Open-ended play possibilities are endless with the simple design. And also, the wood finish alone is a sensory component for stimulating touch through the natural texture. Check out this item HERE.

Montessori Knobbed Cylinder & Socket Set

montessori Knobbed Cylinder & Socket Se

You can use the Montessori Knobbed Cylinder & Socket Set to help your child learn to distinguish between high and low, big and small. So, this open-ended play item has large wooden knobs that are easy for grasping, improving fine motor skills, and textile development. Also, through observing and analyzing the blocks and sockets, children start learning how to reason and draw conclusions. You can try this item for you and your little one HERE.

Grimm’s 7 Rainbow Friends in 7 Rainbow Bowls

grimm rainbow friends toy

With the Grimm’s 7 Friends in 7 bowls, children can sort and match peg dolls in a wooden frame. Besides improving your child’s organization and color recognition skills, this colorful set also allows them to use the toy dolls for any imaginative play scenario they want. This set is made of European-sourced wood and finished with a non-toxic water-based color stain, with a non-toxic plant-based oil finish. You can see additional details HERE.

Milliard Wooden Wobble Board

Girl on Milliard Wooden Wobble Board toy

The Milliard Natural Curve Wobbel Board can inspire imagination and creativity for hours of open-ended play. This unique piece of Montessori furniture lets your child discover play by keeping their bodies in movement. This movement contributes to skills like balance, coordination, and core strength. This is even a great item for adults to play along with since it’s often used to advance yoga techniques. Check it out HERE.

Melissa & Doug Solid-Wood Building Blocks

Melissa & Doug Solid-Wood Building Blocks toy

The Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Building Blocks consist of 60 natural finished, smooth-sanded hardwood blocks to inspire hands-on, imaginative play. This is another great wooden, open-ended play item with a natural texture to stimulate the senses. In addition, this toy is ideal for introducing early math concepts, including shapes, parts-to-whole, and sorting. Check it out HERE.

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