Most Essential things to buy when expecting

So you’re having a baby! This is an exciting time that can turn into an overwhelming time when it comes down to what to buy. Let’s overlook what can be bought, along with if it is absolutely essential or not, as everyone is going to have some differences in their needs. This post will help narrow down everything YOU need to buy when expecting a baby.

Essential things you need to Prepare for Labor

You may want to have an exercise ball for some labor positions, and some heat packs for your back. Depending on your birth plan, there may be some specific supplies you need to buy. For example, purchase things like a bath pillow and bath cushion if you plan to submerge in water for pain relief.

Car seat and stroller

One of the most crucial things you need to buy when expecting is the car seat. You have to have the car seat in the hospital with you when you are leaving with the baby. There are a few different types of car seats that range in price depending on the type and the brand. Just make sure to check for safety certification. Also, make sure it’s not expired if it is second-hand.

Baby in Crib

Diapers and Wipes

This is an obvious one, but with different brands, box sizes, and prices, it can get confusing to know where to start. It’s advisable to start with one box of each size from newborn to size 3. Once your baby is a size three, assess how they’re growing, as the diaper fit can plateau for a couple of months when the baby is around size 3 or size 4. As for wipes, sensitive baby wipes are great.

Baby clothes and items

This is yet another item that can be tricky to navigate at first. And once again, it’s advisable to get a few clothes sets ranging from newborn size to size 6month, then see how your baby is growing before buying more sizes. You start to realize how fast they grow out of their little outfits! along with the clothes, baby blankets and swaddled are great items to have, and you can have some backups. Another item they may need is pacifiers for soothing. If planning on breastfeeding, remember to try not to use a pacifier for the first 4-6 weeks once your baby is born, to avoid interrupting the latch development and feeding schedule.


A bassinet is nice to have for the times when the baby does go down to sleep on their own, and you can keep your baby safely close by. Your baby can benefit from the closeness without the risks associated with co-sleeping. A bassinet is something you can buy when expecting, then focus on getting a crib later on when the baby has outgrown the bassinet.



This is another item that comes in so many styles, colors and, sizes. And there is quite a price range depending on the brands. Check around to see what works for you. Along with the crib, you need to purchase the crib mattress, mattress protector pads, and fitted sheets. This may not be needed right away if you plan on purchasing a bassinet. If so, you have a couple of months after the baby is born before you need the crib. But it is nice to have something like this ready before the baby is here!

Recliner chair or rocking chair

This is a big one in terms of comfort and convenience, for soothing the baby while you sit, and for sitting up with good posture for breastfeeding. This is one of the items that are not absolutely necessary in my opinion, but the benefits will make a large positive difference. along with the immediate use, you will still use it in the future as you continue to bond with your little one over the years.

Additional items for YOU

Baby Daiper change

Nursing clothing, including bras – get a nursing bra that is similar to a sports bra, as well as one that fits similar to a supportive, shaping bra.

Breastfeeding pillow – u can use a regular pillow but the U shape, and firmness of this specific pillow is helpful, and once the baby is too big for you to use it, you can just use it to prob the baby to sit up or lie on their tummy over the pillow.

A large water bottle that opens and shuts easily – this seems so random but it is just so helpful, when you’re busy with a new baby, you can forget to stay hydrated.

Heavy flow pads – for postpartum bleeding. Get about a few weeks’ worths.

Nipple pads – just to help if your breasts are leaky after a few weeks

Breast Pump and Supplies

A breast pump is something to consider to buy when expecting if you plan on breastfeeding. The benefits include having milk stored for later within a couple of days, or having milk stored in the freezer for a few months. Having backup milk eliminates that one more bit of unknown for being read to feed your baby. Putting yourself on a pumping schedule can also help with milk supply if this is an issue you are facing. There are different types of pumps depending on the frequency you plan on using them. The Medela brand carries, many useful variations, this Medela Breast Pump is an all-round favorite, supplies needed along with the pump would be:

breast milk freezer bags – you must get these specifically as they are made with food-grade materials that are made specifically for proper freezer storage. These Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags are quality grade and easy to use.

bottles – most pumps will come with at least one bottle in the set, but it won’t hurt to have a few more that are compatible with the pump. This will help make fridge storage simpler, as well as keep it easy to grab and go.

pumping bra – You may want to get a pumping bra, for hands-free pumping that can reduce spills. This Bravado pumping bra was my favorite for comfort, ease of use, and even style.    

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