At Shoppimama, most of our shared tips and tricks will be geared towards the everyday parent or parent to be. We aim to answer broad questions about the parental shopping experience. What do I buy? What do I ignore? What can I do with what I’ve already got?  This is a safe space for caregivers of all sorts. We want to discuss, trade ideas, and educate those wanting info on pregnancy, baby, and toddler care. Every family has a unique situation they find themselves in when expecting a new life to join them. Whether it’s how to manage your new situation with what you have, or what tools and resources can be gathered to help the new dynamic, we want to provide it all. We like to address topics and questions that will help a wide range of family types with pregnancy and/or their little ones.


I’m a critical care nurse with teaching certification. I take training and research roles in health care in the GTA.  With a mix of education and personal experience with my own toddlers, I will cover the goal topics of this blog which are pregnancy, baby and toddlers. Blogging has not only become my outlet for recanting my wonderful and complex personal experience with balancing work and family, but also a way to connect with others going through the same thing in their own unique way.


We consist of a team of health care professionals with the right balance of evidenced-based knowledge, personal experience, and an influx of experience from viewers. Along with the duties of keeping Shoppimama running at its best, the team’s goal is to stay up to date with content. the Shoppimama team upkeeps content with reviews of our submissions of personal tips, tricks, and experiences. This info is then condensed and put back out to you! Shoppimama also works with marketers to host giveaways and provide reviews for products and services related to pregnancy, baby, and toddler. Check out our disclosure policy for more information.


We’re going digital! With the growth of our team, we will be starting to provide E-Books and digital outlines for some of our biggest topics such as ‘sleep’, ‘potty training’, and ‘growth and nutrition’. These easy-to-follow outlines will be a great resource for getting through some major milestones.


As much as we are knowledgeable, we can’t know as much without you! We want to hear from you, the viewer. Every experience brings forth new knowledge that can help someone else. Always feel free to share similar (or opposing) experiences. So please comment, contact us, and contact each other, to contribute to the pool of info for the parent and caregiver community.